Getting Use to YouTube

So If anyone reads my blogs or follows me, you know that I started a YouTube channel about 9 months ago. So far I've been inconsistent with my uploads and my style...

...that's not good.

In order to be successful on YouTube (and social media in general) I noticed that you need to be consistent with your work production, uploads, style and being just outgoing even though your probably shy (like me). That success seems more plausible for some people and others...not so much.

Why am I not successful? Like I listed above, I'm not consistent. People who are consistent have a routine that they can keep up with. They know that their audience like their routine and how consistent it is. The audience wants to know that at the end of the day he or she's favorite creator just posted or uploaded something that will get them excited and coming back for more.

I am also not use to filming my drawings and editing those videos. I went to school for Fine Arts for a focus in Sculpture, I have no experience with media production. But that's where the world is moving towards and I had to get on the bandwagon. I am learning how to record and edit my videos and truthfully its intimidating and because of that my uploads are inconsistent.

YouTube is a beast all on its own. My biggest battle with YouTube is copyright with music. My channel is a art channel where I'll be posting speed drawings, talking about art projects, showing my sketchbook, etc. That can get boring if there's no music to keep your audience there (also the content you produce is a factor in that too but we're focusing on the music aspect). I'm not going to explain too much about the copyright for music because its A LOT, but just be careful. Don't use popular music, you'll get hit with copyright. Also be careful of artist that mix music and claim that it can be used for commercial use, because YouTube can still hit you with copyright or if that video is making money, some of that money will go to artist and producers that are found within that mix.

If you take anything from this, just try to be consistent. It will not only help with getting followers and content but life in general.

Alright enough of that. Here's a new video from my YouTube channel:

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Tools Used:

- Sketchable

- Microsoft Surface Pro 4


- Future Funk Vaporwave House DJ Mix feat. Desired x Macross 82-99 by InfiniteFluxury


- License:

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Thank You!

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