Baddie Girl Series : The Let Know

Hello Readers! I'm back again with a new blog!

Last month I started a digital art series that didn't really have a name. I was drawing these beautiful and youthful black girls. They would be wearing urban clothing with bits of branding and I would draw them in a pose that would suggest confidence. The most striking thing about these drawings was that they either were holding a weapon or looked ruffed up.

Now, this could be seen in a number of ways like abuse of women or violence. I like for people to interpret my work because it can start a conversation, but I wanted to let you all know that this series is not about abused and batter women. It's about or focusing on women strength and empowering women. The ruffed up look shows that we a vulnerable but we are able to get back on our feet and fight back and the weapons represent that.

The work is striking, concerning and intriguing and that makes for great conversation.

Now, its been about a month and half since I started this series and I think I found a name for it. "Baddie Girl" or "baddie" in the urban dictionary (yes the urban dictionary) means a girl who is always on fleek. Most of the time theses baddies grew up being bullied or lacking confidence. Now they have confidence to be themselves and to do what they dreamed of doing all this time. They have self respect and they fight for what they believe in and like having fun. I found this to be really intriguing and I wanted "Baddie" to be apart of the series and so "Baddie Girls" was born.

One more update! If anyone knows what OBS Studio is I was able to fix mine. For awhile it wasn't recording my drawings process properly but I was able to fix it! Yay! So, be expecting to see a lot of speed drawings.

Here's a sample video of my drawing process for the latest Baddie Girl.

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