Handling Pressure aka "Stress"

Hello everyone and welcome to BGIllustrations blog No. 2.

I recently posted my 11th comic of A Slice of Life titled "Handling Pressure." You can check out comic No.11 by following the link: https://tapas.io/series/A-Slice-Of-Life The comic pretty much sums up how I handle all the stress that my job puts on me. Just to give a quick background about my job, I work at Office Depot as a copy and print associate. I get an OUTSTANDING influx of customers coming and needing the most basic printing to the most impossible job. I'm pretty much that magical copy fairy that is able to solve all your problems or... make them worse.

What is Stress?

Stress can come from a number of places, such as work, your home, friends, or having strong negative feelings and/or thoughts. Stress can sometimes be caused by making everything a priority which in turn puts pressure on you and stresses you out (what I unfortunately do to myself). If stress is prolonged then you'll start to feel tired, sad, frustrated and hurt which can lead to depression and that is a deep hole thats hard to come out of.

So, stress... how do you deal with it?

Well, that question can be easily answered but somewhat hard to execute.

You can just hop on your computer and type in "How To Deal With Stress," and millions of articles will pop up on how to handle stress. Man, technology is amazing. Those articles will probably tell you to go exercise, eat a healthier diet, have positive self-talks, keep it simple or sleep more. I mean, yes, this is awesome advice but not everyone can do some of the things that is suggested. I recently read an article that said," say 'No' more often," thats kind of hard to do when your work place just put in a new motto saying "say YES to the customer." NOW, I have to figure out how to please the customer even more...my smile can only stretch so far...

There's two things I suggest: personal time and talking.

I believe the number 1 advice I see when I read those stress articles is to carve out your personal time and do what you want. Whether its 10 minutes to an hour, you need time to yourself. If going to the gym for 15 minutes helps, do it. If doing your nails helps, do it. If coming home playing your favorite music and drawing until you pass out (what I do) then do it! As long as you make time for yourself to decompress then stress should be at a bare minimum. Once you've carved out that time for yourself then the hell you spend at work won't seem as long.

The second advice would be to just talk. Find someone, whether its a friend, family, or stranger, to just talk to about your feelings. I tend to not talk to people about whats going on in my head, it was hard to even type this out. I feel that I shouldn't worry people about my true feelings, that I should bottle them up and move on. But sometimes that doesn't work and I feel like I'm border lining depression. I've gotten better, I have a mentor who I talk to about whats going on. He and his wife are very understanding and will give me advice and cheer me on. I also call and talk to my friend who talks to me about her feelings and whats stressing her out. Having someone to talk to is healthy and is not a sign of weakness but growth. So, go find that someone and talk their ear off.

Everyone handles stress differently, you just need to figure out how you can handle it.

Don't strangle someone... you'll go to jail.

Peace out.

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